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More ways to “Market Content”

By Gina Milani

June 27, 2014

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Maintaining a database of ever-evolving tools is a lot like what herding cats must be like, but we’re committed to making JungleBuzz the very best resource on the latest tools serving our communications industry as it continues to evolve.

Last week, we blogged about our new category expansion moving from “Newswires” to “Newswires & Journalist Networks.” We wanted to let you know that the JungleBuzz database has been updated with the following new additions in this new category:

You can help us and other PR professionals keep a pulse on the ever evolving realm of PR tools by sharing your experience with tools you’ve used by commenting on the details page.

You can also always email us if you disagree with a category definition or have any suggestions on items we should add/combine others. We always appreciate your feedback and guidance.


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