The Agility™ media database from Agility PR Solutions lets you search and build contact lists from a database of almost 800,000 contacts in over 200 countries. Find journalists and influential authors to pitch your stories to. With over 5,000 updates made everyday, our contact information is reliable and accurate so you won’t waste time with undeliverable emails or following up with journalists who’ve changed jobs. Identify influencers. Search our rich global database of journalists, bloggers, and authors by topic, keyword or region. Connect. Get reliable contact details, including email and social media contact info. Create custom lists. Use the intuitive search function to create, filter and export contact lists for repeated outreach. Save search criteria. Save searches for reuse and ensure your lists stay up to date. See Agility in action at


With Agility we have a current email delivery rate of 93%, a rate high above industry standards. After sending out your distribution through the platform you receive advanced analytics for distribution measurement as well as exportable charts and graphs for a visual representation. Any bounce backs are sent directly to the Media Research Team for immediate correction. We also offer an upgraded Agility Plus platform which offers media monitoring and analytics in addition to the targeting and distribution. We have the ability to monitor online news, social media and blogs, as well as traditional media and include easy to create alerts and reporting to send out your briefs. The platform is global and includes the ability to monitor in 33 different languages.


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