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CARMA NewsAccess makes it easy to monitor and measure your media coverage from your desktop. The service allows you to search for clips mentioning your organization, brand, or spokesperson; sort and filter by keyword, topic, competitor, date, publication, and byline; drill down to each story full text, broadcast audio, or video clip; track developments in print, wire, broadcast, Internet, blogs, and social media; view top-line data in an online dashboard; view data in easy-to-share charts and graphs; and, compare your share of voice to the competition.


CARMA International offers NewsAccess as a monitoring and measurement tool for organizations. NewsAccess is unique from other news clipping services in two ways. NewsAccess allows users to pick and choose which news source is needed for monitoring – online, social media, print, broadcast or ALL of the above so they will only pay for what they need. NewsAccess automatically measures topics, media, bylines, date range and competitors at the dashboard level so clients can augment their reports and presentations easily by printing or downloading these graphs. Case studies from CARMA custom projects are available on their website.


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