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Catchpole’s Speakware event research service is ideal for young companies that want a comprehensive event research resource for their speaker program…or for more mature companies that want daily access to the most current, accurate event information available anywhere. PR Agencies have specific pricing and quotes are done on an individual basis.


Service includes access to information on approximately 2500 global events in more than 100 market categories. Subscribers can create their own target event list by sorting information according to market, geographic region, event dates, and topic focus.


Full service. Minimum program has a goal of 10 engagements over a 12 month period, at a monthly budget of $3750. Custom event research plus consulting services. Cost is $9000/year.


This pricing is for corporations, though Catchpole offers a range of services to public relations agencies to assist in supporting their client companies’ speaker program, executive visibility, and event participation activities. Contact for pricing and other details.


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