KD Paine & Partners (Now a Carma Company)

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KDPaine & Partners provided custom research to measure the effectiveness of social media and traditional public relations to help organizations make better, more informed decisions. KD Paine works with clients to define the goals of the program. Then, based on those goals, designs a measurement system that might include content analysis of media mentions, web analytics or survey research. Looks like this is becoming part of the Carma family.


The tools provided the following services: Customized, public relations research; Social Media & Blog measurement; Media content analysis; Do it yourself analysis (link to DIY); Dashboard Development; Market research; and, Survey research.


KD Paine developed a do-it-yourself dashboard that starts at $3,600 a year but doesn’t include monitoring. KD Paine can input search parameters and manage content collection for $3 per mention and another $1 - 6 to read.


Evaluate the success of specific campaigns


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