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McKenzie News Service offers individual press release distribution by email to all media within a certain mile radius of your zip code (about 75-100 miles). Releases are distributed by email to 2,100 National Media Outlets in the national bi-weekly media newsletter text version (one time). McKenzie News Service distribution includes all Sunday newspapers, Travel magazines, Travel websites, Travel broadcast shows, Professional travel writers, Syndicates, Specialty media.


250 word description online One Large Photo, Caption, Logo Separate Page Expert Keywords created by McKenzie News Service, allowing your event to show up to the public in a Google search. View a Sample 250 Word Press Release, One Photo View online thumbnail version linking to your press release. Press releases stay online for one year.


McKenzie News Service offers three different distrubtion pricing schemes:. For a 250 word press release and one large photo, Logo: $125.00; a 750 word press Release and five Large photos, including Logo: $155.00; for Individual Press Release Distribution to national media: $205.00. McKenzie News Service, also offers multiple discounts available upon request.


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