A multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page or personal web portal, organized into tabs, with each tab containing user-defined modules.


Built-in Netvibes modules include an RSS/Atom feed reader, local weather forecasts, a calendar supporting iCal, bookmarks, notes, to-do lists, multiple searches, support for POP3, IMAP4 email as well as several webmail providers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and AOL Mail, web storage, Delicious, Meebo, Flickr photos, podcast support with a built in audio player, and several others. Customized tabs, feeds and modules can be shared with others individually or via the Netvibes Ecosystem. For privacy reasons, only modules with publicly available content can be shared.


Basic service is free; Premium is $499 per month; this is a service for teams which can be quoted here:



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