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Newswise maintains a comprehensive database of current news, searchable archives, subscription wire services, and advanced information management tools to enhance the value and efficiency of research-based news delivery for both journalists and source institutions that have signed up to receive their releases.


The majority of news releases posted to Newswise include embargoed research results, feature stories, and expert pitches. Newswise members may also contribute announcements, press conference notices, product news and announcements, and up-front media pitches. Each Newswise article is categorized into Medical, Science, Life, or Business News, and is delivered to more than 20,000 subscribers through the Newswise Wires. They also have over 1,000 freelance journalists as subscribers. Each news release is also permanently archived on the website.


The standard package is $500 for one release, but if you purchase two additional releases for $500 within 30 days you can have 11 months in which to use them.


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