North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

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(NAPS) is a service that distributes publicity in a variety of formats to 10,000+ newspapers, thousands of online publications, 6,500+ radio stations and 1,000+ TV stations nationwide. The have a wide range of vertical tip sheets here that can help you learn more about specific areas like home, auto, technology, charities, health, etc.


Formats include CDs, camera-ready repro proofs, postings on as downloadable files for editors with RSS feeds by subject, e-mails, Twitter feeds @NAPSnews, Facebook posts, social media, blogs, tapes, the NAPS YouTube Channel, podcasting via iTunes and more. Expected results are 100 to 400 placements in print, 800+ placements in online publications with each print release, 300+ on-air placements for each Radio Feature Release and 100+ on-air placements for each Video Feature Release. NAPS guarantees complete satisfaction with each release or another one free! For information or a free proposal, e-mail, call (800) 222-5551 or visit


There is a budget for everyone. Costs range from $1200- and if you call and let them know what your budget and goals are, they can design a distribution program that will meet your needs and that stays within your budget.


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