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Whether you're promoting a new product, announcing an organizational change or launching a new marketing campaign, PRMediaSol's extensive, and recently updated, US and International media contacts tool can help you achieve your PR objectives. The services provides unlimited access to over 500,000 continuously updated contact information on media staff members and journalists/editors and 85,000 media outlets worldwide.


PRMediaSol is the ideal tool for PR professionals who don't have the budget for the more costly media list services, but who need targeted press release distribution and pitching lists. PRMediaSol services provides: more contacts with over half a million editorial contacts making it one of the largest global media databases; lowest cost per contact among leading databases; easy to use where users can build lists in minutes; and quality data updated daily. This tool also Integrates with media intelligence portfolio via .csv files.


For one year unlimited access, the service costs $599.00. For three year unlimited access, the service costs $795.00.


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