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More than 100 reporters daily use ProfNet to connect with expert sources. Each opportunity is a live media opportunity on which you may capitalize by offering corresponding expertise within your organization or clientele.


Profile your experts and respond to a daily feed of opportunities, which you may customize to your organization’s expertise using more than 300 interest categories. ProfNet fees are assigned on a sliding scale depending on the type of organization, number of “seats” occupied by information officers, and number of ProfNet industry categories to which an organization opts to subscribe. The standard ProfNet package includes Five seats for information officers, daily feed of opportunities sent by reporters seeking expert sources, unlimited posting of expert profiles in the ProfNet Experts Database, unlimited submission of expert alerts and daily topic alerts, free links in your news releases to expert profiles with ProfNet Links.


Single Industry Segment (one category): $1,500. Includes five ProfNet seats for information officers; unlimited expert profiles, and eligibility for submitting unlimited expert alerts and responses to daily topic alerts.


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