repubHub is a content network designed to make it easier for publishers to syndicate original content and for editors and other users to republish content from leading publishers—under terms that are easy to honor. This network was named by EContent Magazine to its “Trendsetting Products of 2014” list.


repubHub helps publishers of all sizes—editors, bloggers and marketers—easily discover relevant content to republish and share with readers. Publishers / content curators can search and select articles from the repubHub database of more than 30 million articles. Thousands of new articles are added each day. All articles can be republished by clicking on the Republish button, which gives you permission from the original publisher to reuse the content in various approved ways. For content creators, repubHub gives you a copyright-protected way to gain new readers and monetize original content.


Finding content and monitoring topics is completely free for content curators. Most of repubHub's content contributors offer a free, ad-supported republishing option, but ad-free instant licenses and other re-use options are also available starting at only a few dollars. There is no cost for content creators to be part of the reubHub network. Content creators will gain from the revenue split with iCopyright on various forms of content monetization. iCopyright handles all of the administrative and bookkeeping chores.



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