Scribb is an online library, social publishing and reading site for original written content. The service allows users to easily turn any file, such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint, into a web document and immediately connect with readers and information-seekers through the site's network. You may connect through sites, such as Facebook or Twitter and search engines such as Google.


Documents published on Scribd are accessible to the Scribd's community of readers, indexed by search engines, and easily embedded and shared on thousands of other websites, including Twitter and Facebook. Many leading media companies and businesses distribute content through Scribd, including The New York Times, Ford Motor Company, Simon & Schuster, O'Reilly, World Bank, Chicago Tribune, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and more.


Free; Premium account is a paid feature and may be needed to view selected content and download documents.


Scribd is free to use and most of the documents uploaded by site members are free to view. A Premium account is generally required to download and view select content. Documents for sale in the Scribd Store are clearly labeled with a "Buy Now" button. There is no cost to see the previews of Scribd Store documents.



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