Storyfy was created to help you sort through the online noise, and make sense of all the content posted on social media. Users can curate a page with stories, images and video (original and republished) in one central location. Storyfy allows users to collect stories and posts from a variety of social networks, and discover meaningful social media from the best storytellers online, including journalists, bloggers, and editors.


Storyfy's homepage displays popular stories in an easy to use dashboard, which incorporates images, videos, and links collected from other Storyfy users. You can monitor Storyfy's user content, create original stories, and search other social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram, for content to curate a collective of stories and images from multiple sources and social networks.


Storyfy is free. The service launched a subscription-based program, called Storyfy VIP.



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