Visible Technologies (Now a Cision Company)


Visible Technologies is a leader in mainstream and consumer-generated media research and analysis, helping organizations extract insights into consumer behaviors and emerging market trends by monitoring, measuring and analyzing consumer-generated and mainstream media. Combining a powerful automated analysis with expert human interpretation, Visible Technologies provides products and services that deliver intelligence on consumer preferences, competitor strengths and weaknesses, and other information critical to a company’s reputation, brands, products and employees.


Visible's dashboard monitors, benchmarks and analyzes mainstream media and consumer-generated media (CGM), such as blogs and other types of social media under one web-based platform to provide comprehensive real-time insight into consumer behavior and emerging market trends. Visible offers a unique solution combining automated analysis of CGM and mainstream content with manual, expert analysis of core issues. In conjunction, Visible assigns a dedicated business analyst to each program, ensuring continuity and enabling in-depth knowledgeable analysis of the content.


The pricing is variable dependent on needs.


More updates to come


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