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As of Aug 2016 this site has been suspended by ICAN. Research ongoing. WebNotes is a hosted news scan and business research tool that allows users to compile online information from multiple sources and generate reports. In addition to media monitoring, the service also provides Web and PDF clipping tools, organization and search capabilities, advanced reporting tools, and priority technical support.


WebNotes allows users to find articles and capture content as they browse the Web, compiling and organizing clippings from a wide variety of online sources ranging from WebNotes’ built-in media monitoring to Google Alerts. These clippings can then be automatically aggregated into professional, branded reports to share with clients or colleagues.


A free two-week trial of WebNotes PR is available and introductory pricing starts at $300 per user per year or $35 per user per month. WebNotes also offers an academic version for $5 per month or $10 per month without the discount.


Researching present status of this tool


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