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There’s a cool new resource for creating Media Lists on demand

By Gina Milani

April 30, 2018

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UK-based and is worth checking out, and it was just added to the media contact database category of

The Medialists FAQ says they use sophisticated data science that operates on, traverses and scores millions of media sites allowing us them to access highly accurate info.
Remarkably they say you can find info on any search criteria – just let them know the type of media you want to approach; if its wearable tech or plus size fashion, they can find it.

How many contacts will you get? They say it depends on the search criteria and region. General topics such as fashion are more likely to return more results than niche topics such as Fintech.
They do make a really good point which every PR person should embrace — remember your goal shouldn’t be about the number of pitches you can send, but rather how targeted your media list is so you can gain more results with fewer pitches.

How is it smarter? It’s true that with the growing landscape of journalists & influencers the media is a much broader entity. Traditional databases can be out of date by the time you’ve finished your search, searches in real-time making it considerably more accurate, they say, than any other media data available.

Good news for the cost conscious — you can get them to give you detailed info regarding the type and number of contacts available before your commit (i.e. pay.)

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