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What ever happened to Bulldog Reporter’s Beloved MediaPro?

By Gina Milani

July 18, 2016

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It has been hard to determine, but based on an email received recently leveraging the Bulldog and MediaPro brand, it appears it’s been re-released by Innodata and its subsidiary MediaMiser and folded in to a new acquisition called Agility.

MediaMiser is a leading provider of media monitoring and analysis software and services. Agility is a leading global media contact database and media monitoring platform that helps customers target key influencers, amplify content and measure impact.2015.01.01_BLOG IMAGE_Bulldog Image

MediaMiser acquired Agility to foster growth in North America and Europe by bolstering MediaMiser’s media intelligence solutions and media databases, improving its media outreach capabilities, and delivering stronger, more data-powered media intelligence to clients. With the acquisition of Agility, MediaMiser is now one of only a handful of companies able to offer a global media contact dataset with integrated workflows for distribution, monitoring and measurement.

The company plans to expand and deepen the Agility database using Innodata’s database augmentation technology and research teams – the same technology and teams utilized by many of the world’s leading information companies to build the world’s best databases.

MediaPro will be replaced by the Agility database with a new pricing structure. Check out the details in the media contact database category.

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