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2014 Official PR Salary & Bonus Report Now Available!

By Gina Milani

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Whether you’re climbing the ladder at a PR agency, working on the client side and tasked with managing the agency relationship, or running your own small agency, you need to know what the field is charging (or paying.)

Each year Dennis Spring, an executive for recruiting in PR & corporate communications, issues this handy Salary & Bonus report.  The report is an aggregation of compensation data gathered daily from their confidential database of over 20,000 vetted communications professionals at all levels, nationwide. It contains easy-to-read tables of salary and bonus ranges and billing rates for PR agencies, plus salary and bonus ranges for corporate communications departments with concise tables segmented into national, regional and key metro areas including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Washington, DC and San Francisco. Each range is cross-indexed with nine specialties and twelve titles.2014.09.15_BLOG IMAGE_Salary Report

While it’s a useful resource, it’s not technically a PR tool, so you won’t find it in the JungleBuzz database. However, it IS going to be included in a new Facebook Resources page – we have two new pages planned for early October! We encourage you to check it out.


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