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In today’s fast changing world of PR, Media and Marketing, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with all of the changes in available tools serving our community. Welcome to Prtoolfinder! Originally launched as JungleBuzzprtools, PRtoolfinder makes it even easier to find and evaluate free and paid tools to grow your business.

What’s different? PRtoolfinder is completely free with no login for general search making finding results, including pricing, fast and easy. We’ve also added the ability to review and rate tools. To become a reviewer we do ask you to register and log in to post your tool review. Each contribution is validated before final posting and we expect this new feature to be a valuable addition for the public relations and marketing communities.

The many hours you save on finding tools, reviewing features and evaluating price points in advance will make the eventual product demos an excellent use of your time and ensure you adopt a toolset that helps position your business for growth and success!