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All PR professionals need tools to succeed. But not all need the same type of tools, and today not only are the choices growing, they’re evolving. Making the buy decision isn’t easy because finding and comparing tools is incredibly time-consuming. At the end of the day – most practitioners ask their peers for recommendations; not a bad strategy, but they do risk overlooking a tool that could be abetter fit for their business and maturity

The goal of the PRtoolfinder website is to be the first and best destination to find and learn about available tools serving PR and marketing professionals

Why prtoolfinder?

  • For busy PR and marketing professionals, the prtoolfinder website is a huge timesaver allowing users to quickly and easily discover and evaluate tools they may have never found on their own.
  • Prtoolfinder creates an entirely new environment for tool vendors to be found in a highly visible way. If a visitor is on prtoolfinder…they’re looking for PR tools.
  • Prtoolfinder is not a “best of” or “1X favorites” list – it is a comprehensive, searchable database that is updated twice a year directly by the vendor with the goal of becoming the best online resource to find PR and related tools
  • As long as a vendor meets the criteria of “being developed specifically for or commonly used by PR professionals,”a basic listing is free

Inaugural Advertising Opportunities

Claim your Tool

When you “claim your tool” you automatically become the contact of record for submitting and updating specific information about that tool. It is intended to be self-service but assistance is available should you need it

There is no cost to “claim” the tool, but this is when if you choose to upgrade your free listing you would also upload your logo and add either a customer testimonial, case study, or link to a free trial on your specific tool page. Having your logo roll up on the results page sets you apart and will encourage visitors to click through to your detail page. where they can read more about your solution

Inaugural pricing for this package is $2,500 per year

Limited banner advertising – Contact Gina Milani for more details at



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