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Build a high value tool box with free and low cost tools

By Gina Milani

December 18, 2014

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It’s always fun to hear what tools other PR pros have been finding useful and we’re fortunate that many of our big tool vendors regularly offer such webinars. We sat in on Vocus’ webinar that featured Kellye Crane of SolorPR. Kelley is a PR veteran and is in though with thousands of communications professionals always looking to do more with less.

2014.12.18_BLOG IMAGE_Tool School Image

Kellye has started a PR Tool School Series that any PR consultant will find useful. It’s also a great complement to the JungleBuzz database because we won’t include all of the tools that Kelley talks about in her series. The role that JungleBuzz plays in the PR community is to give PR pros a central place to quickly find the core PR infrastructure tools, especially those that are not free, provide visibility into costs and features and give PR tool shoppers a head start on decision-making.

She makes some good points:

  • Tools can help save you money and we value the tools that give us a big bang for our buck. Many of the tools are free.
  • No one knows everything about tools, there are just too many.
  • We can easily get distracted by things that are new and flashy — focus on what matters to you – justify the investment in paid tools in terms of time savings and value to client – everyone has different goals and client bases.
  • Is a paid tool better than a free tool? She doesn’t think so; “If a free tool meets your needs for measurable objectives, then use — it why not?”

Don’t let the amount of tools overwhelm you and not get started – JungleBuzz can help you find the tools you need, and there is a growing PR community of solo PR pros that can help you in your evaluation.

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