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Category Change: From “News Wires” to “Newswires & Press Release Distribution Services”

By Gina Milani

June 16, 2014

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There was a day when there were only three newswires.  Now there are many choices in distributing your news — before you even go social! The media environment is changing very quickly, and in today’s environment — where the emphasis is “marketing content” — those of us in PR aren’t just trying to reach an editor, we’re telling our story directly to our client’s customer.

Easy Street

Regional and industry-specialist services may provide tightly focused distribution channels for niche-specific news releases and articles, and this should also be carefully considered.  So our job is more challenging than before, but it’s easier because JungleBuzz keeps you up to date.  Stay tuned for more on this new “Content Marketing” topic.   Meanwhile, be on the look out for the new additions in the database.  And if you haven’t already registered for your free subscription to Junglebuzz, do it! Evaluate PR tools the easy way.



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