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Content Marketing – Another Ever Expanding Universe of Tools

By Gina Milani

August 1, 2014

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Content marketing is becoming an important component of any marketing strategy. And much like the universe of tools used by PR pros, content-marketing tools designed to generate, publish, and promote your brand represent another constantly evolving and expanding ecosystem.

We recently discovered Curata’s Ultimate Content Marketing List. This useful list and graphic maps out a comprehensive compendium of commonly used content-marketing tools to generate, track, and promote their content and/or brand online.

2014.08.01_BLOG IMAGE_Curata graphic

We’ve been assessing this ecosystem of tools and its relevance to the types of tools in the JungleBuzz database and other resources commonly used among PR pros. At this point, there isn’t a tremendous overlap between PR and content-marketing tools,but there are tool suites in the PR universe that are expanding to offer marketing tools, like the Vocus Marketing Suite.

Marketing automation is a bit more than the automation of marketing. It is strategic delivery of your story via multiple channels and is fast becoming a science rooted in predictive analysis.   But storytelling is also a science, and the story you’re telling is still the most important part.  Indeed, the demand for content creators is growing.

We know content marketing holds some new opportunities for PR pros, and we suspect new tools and tool transformations will continue to emerge. It will be important for our community to stay up to date, and we’re going to stay on top of this story.

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