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Editorial Calendars Category becomes EdCals & Journalist Networks

By Gina Milani

June 2, 2014

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It’s amazing how many new tools come on the scene in such a short period of time – or it could be that it’s just taken us this long to find them – in May 2014 we’ll be adding over 60 new tools.

2014.05.05_Blog IMAGE_Wave

This mini-tsunami of tool discoveries is also making us rethink and adjust some of our categories.  For example, the editorial calendar category is morphing.  There was a time where there were several editorial calendar services that you could purchase separately. One of these was MyEdCals, originally launched by RedEgg software as part of MymediaInfo, which is now owned by Nasdaq.  At $500/year, the original pricing for an editorial calendar only service was a good deal, especially for independent consultants. Today, it is only available as part of a suite which may or may not work for your budget.  The good news is that there are a lot of cool new tools that, while not quite an editorial calendar, are also not quite a media database.

So we’re changing the name of the category to Editorial Calendars & Journalist Networks.  When it’s updated, we’ll give you the list of new tools and invite you to check out the updated EdCals & Journalist Networks category.

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