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Find editors by what they tweet! (New tool in media contact databases)

By Gina Milani

May 28, 2019

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Anewstip helps entrepreneurs, PR professionals, and marketers connect with relevant media influentials. Founded in 2014 to push the boundaries of media relationship management, today Anewstip has more than 15,000 global customers using their service.

You can search by Tweets, News articles, Journalist profiles, and by Outlet profile. Users search for relevant media contacts from the world’s largest database, monitoring news articles & tweets from global media influentials on what’s happening to their brands and competitors. Every day they are building and organizing media lists, reaching out to media with relevant messages, and most importantly, getting real responses from the media.

Use Anewstip Search to find relevant media contacts for your campaign and then organize them in separate Media Lists. All media contacts in a list are automatically updated with the latest contact information. You can also export a list if you prefer.

There is a free version and then pricing starts at $200/month. See all of the tools in the category and check out the new addition at

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