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JungleBuzz Resonates with Vendors & Users at PRSA Int’l Conference in DC!

By Gina Milani

October 17, 2014

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Beyond the Beta, the recent PRSA Int’l Conference in DC was the first time that JungleBuzz had been introduced widely to the primary target audience – PR professionals! And everyone “got it!”

Vendors like it because it provides them with a 100% tool-focused buying audience and another way to stand out and disseminate news and views. PR Professionals approved of the time-saving ability to find all tools in one place and were equally supportive of the affordable $45.00 annual subscription fee for the premium level that provides pricing information and user comments.

It looks like we’re well on our way to building an exciting new PR community focused only on the tools that can make us all more successful in our PR efforts. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and expressed your support!Blog 63 Graphic Grazie

For those who did not go to the conference and would like a discount on the premium level – simply register using the PRSADC14 Code.  It’s active until October 31st!



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