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JustReachOut – New DIY PR/Media Pitching Software Platform

By Gina Milani

April 17, 2020

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Dmitry Dragilev, Founder of

Last month I attended one of the first PRTechWednesday webinars where Eric Schwartzman interviewed Dmitry Dragilev, Founder of  Dmitry has a developed an online service that combines journalist and influencer contact information with educational resources to teach anyone the media relations skills they need to earn third party news coverage reviews, testimonials and endorsements.

This new DIY PR software platform with live coaching, templates & checklists to make media relations easy for anyone so it was hard to determine which category to put it in.  But since it involves pitching media I’ve put it in the media contact databases category.  Since it also delivers asks by journalists I’ve also added to Editorial Calendars & Journalist Networks category.  It really is so much more though.  If you feel it should be in a different category do let me know.  What follows is a loose transcript from the interview edited for length: 

What problem does it solve?

Dmitry was frustrated with the time and expense associated with  PR firms and believed that “mom and pop shops” deserve to have a resource that can allow them to do it themselves which empowers them to own their story and also saves valuable budget.  They learn how to reach journalists; get featured in press, etc.   

Who is JustReachOut’s ideal customer?

Small business owners, content marketers, anyone who knows how to create content or needs publicity for their site.   Dmitry says they have about 5,000 customers and most are in some sort of marketing function for the small business.

It really depends on the maturity, even more than the size, of the company, according to Dragilev.  He explains that the needs of a child have different needs and argues that businesses, as they mature have different needs as well.  Startups are scrappy and eventually, that will involve a pivot.  Then you scale and grow and maybe the needs change again and so on.  Eventually, you’re a “grown-up.”  As a company matures through that cycle, its media relations needs change as well.  Referring to the PESO model  you might also say that owned might be the best place to start.  Start by building your home base, then build community on social, then you’re ready to “earn” some media.  Then you add advertising.  So, many people start with advertising first and spend a lot – or spend a lot on PR.

There are steps he uses to guide people through the platform. “Most customers have never had PR before, they have a book but this is their first action online and they jump straight into the journalist list and start pitching.”  He counsels instead that new users go to the press opportunities search – which pulls from 15 different sources like HARO and others – and start there.  You can start with mentions and then learning how to pitch would be the next step, developing relationships that way.    Start with baby steps, answer a journalist question, for example, build your online profile and then go to the main story.

How do you teach customers to create newsworthy content?

There is a tool in the platform that allows you to look at all the tweets on JournoRequests, and HARO, and all these newsletters where journalists post their asks and the platform indexes them all so you can look at all asks from INC magazine, for example.  “You start to get a sense of what journalists are asking and this helps you think about what and how you want to pitch and tell that story.  We allow people to think about what they should be pitching in the future by analyzing these and it’s useful for people to think about it from that standpoint.  Learning what journalists want and need and also looking at the journalist search and seeing what people are covering,” he said.  


”Over six years in business I’ve learned people need the templates to get started.  We’ve compiled the best pitches into a set of templates people can pick from.  They might be different kinds of outreach – but the other problem we found is that if you’re doing PR and you don’t have a structured week by week schedule of what to do it’s hard to be successful.  We have a guide that gives customers specifics on our academy pages so you encounter this in the onboarding portion and we hold them accountable for their week by week schedule or cadence because success revolves around that.”

For more information, visit, and for more media contact database options you can visit

To sign up for Eric’s PRTechWednesday webinars, you can register here.

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