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Navigating the blogosphere? There are tools to help…

By Katy Milani

February 27, 2015

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We all know engaging the blogosphere is a critical component of any communications / PR strategy. Without a web-based blogger strategy, a communications campaign will miss out on reaching key and reputable influencers. It can seem like an overwhelming task to identify and build relationships with bloggers in addition to the traditional media – there are so many out there! Where do you start? How does blogger outreach differ from traditional media? How do you track your success?

2015.02.27_BLOG IMAGE_BlogsRelease Logo

The good news is there are more and more useful tools available for PR professionals to more easily and effectively reach influential blogs. We recently discovered BlogsRelease, which offers a forum for brands to get their press release in front of the right bloggers. The tool is easy to use – just upload your release (for $249 per release) with any images, media, hyperlinks, key words, and tags categorizations to make it easier for the blogger to improve search engine optimization of your content. The tool also allows you to add video and social media profiles to increase traffic.

To reach a targeted blogger audience, BlogsRelease allows you to select from 20 different blogger categories, which range from Arts and Entertainment (over 9 million blogs) to Business blogs (almost 4 million blogs).

An added bonus, BlogsRelease tracks your release to provide an analytical report and stats on the success of your outreach. Here’s a useful Wiki on how to tool works.

You can find more information about this tool and other handy blogger related tools, including pricing, in the JungleBuzz data. Check it out!

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