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NetBase (Social Media Analytics) joins forces with Quid (AI-driven Text Analytics) as acquiring company

By Gina Milani

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NetBase an industry leader in social media analytics announced via PR Newswire that it will merge with Quid, a leader in AI-driven text analytics to create the next generation consumer and market intelligence platform. The platform will deliver contextual insights that reveal business trends from across all forms of structured and unstructured data. The two companies will join forces under their new collective name, NetBase Quid.

In today’s age of information overload, NetBase Quid will deliver businesses an unprecedented solution that is faster, more accurate and actionable and with access to billions of indexed resources — from social media posts, consumer reviews, product reviews, news articles to business filings, to patent applications, and forums – which can be aggregated, analyzed and visualized in order to discover consumer and market insights.

The enhanced platform will deliver clear, real-time and actionable results so that customers can distinguish between critical and non-essential business issues, ultimately empowering them to make smarter, data driven decisions quickly and efficiently. 

“Like us, Quid has a client-first focus, is deeply connected to technology, driven by purpose and acts as a leader in the evolving consumer and market data analytics landscape,” said Peter Caswell, Chairman  & CEO of NetBase. We have always been impressed with Quid’s technology and leadership. We are confident this merger will help our customers accelerate the growth of their businesses, while enabling them to benefit from the highly personalized service experience they have always enjoyed.”

“Joining forces just makes sense,” said Bob Goodson, CEO of Quid. “We see a great opportunity to transform the landscape of business intelligence using unstructured data. This merger gives our clients the best possible tools and resources to make them as fully informed as possible while making complex business decisions.”

The full release can be found here, and a complete list of tools of this nature can be found in the Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Tools category of 

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