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New from Netbase: 2019 Global Social Media Market Survey Report

By ginammilani

September 17, 2019

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It’s not just PR pros who are now feeling the pressure of the CSuite to prove how they’re moving customers through the purchase funnel. Marketers have been under this pressure since marketing became a thing.
They’re also always on the hunt for tools that are going to help them make the most relevant social data available to them. Netbase is out with their “2019 Global Social Media Market Survey Report” and we wanted to share their findings from a global survey of over 1700 senior marketers around the world. The report provides comprehensive insights on how they’re using social media analytics to grow their businesses.
You’ll discover:

• Who heads social and why it matters
• The roles and expectations of brands versus agencies
• Insights on specific scenarios such as community management and engagement, campaign strategy, customer care, and real-time crisis tracking
• The most vital social channels
• How to measure ROI
• A detailed “wish list” for social analytics solutions


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