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Now – a New Golden Age of Podcasting

By Gina Milani

December 10, 2014

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There was a very interesting article recently on podcasting – a term it points out is roughly ten years old – that poses the question “what is behind the resurgence of interest in podcasting?   We were happy to hear this since Junglebuzzprtools does have a category on podcast reading tools and podcast recording tools that would be a great resource for people looking to consume them and produce their own.

2014.12.10_BLOG IMAGE_microphone_podcasting“It’s spreading like wildfire,” comments John Lee Dumas, the host of “Entrepreneur on Fire,” a popular business podcast now on its 738th episode.  If you want to know why people are saying that we’re in a Golden Age of Podcasting, read the New York Magazine article, and if you’re interested in seeing what tools are out there to help you start your own podcasting, register for the JungleBuzzprtools database – it’s free to join and a great resource for finding the right tool for you. After all these years the genre seems more alive than ever with more and more PR pros adding podcasting to their list of skills – according to folks behind popular shows – we’re in a golden age of podcasting! Check out what tools are out there for YOUR podcasting program.

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