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PressRush Media Contact Database: A Focus on Online Media Only

By Gina Milani

March 28, 2019

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Another media database? Yes but with a twist. The difference between PressRush and the other tools, according to their website, is that instead of trying to cater to every PR and marketing need under the sun, PressRush is laser-focused on online media outreach.

It’s this focus which makes PressRush different. Their stated mission is to make it ridiculously easy for you to connect with the right journalist, at the right time, with the right message. This means that journalist search, media monitoring, sending pitches, tracking email opens… it’s all optimized for media outreach. Pricing is per user and is easily located on their site. They also have a free trial!

Fresh Data: PressRush is a journalist search engine. It’s like searching on Google, but instead of getting web pages as results, you get journalists. PressRush continuously monitors media outlets and updates reporter profiles as they publish new stories assuring that PressRush always has the very latest information.
Autolist updates: Journalist move around — as people on your list move around, and their email addresses change, PressRush automatically updates the contact information on your media list.

Get Alerts: Like Google Alerts but more timely: Receive email notifications as soon as new stories matching your search terms are published. It’s the perfect companion tool for drafting and newsjacking. The difference between Google Alerts and PressRush Alerts is PressRush finds journalists, Google Alerts finds web pages. PressRush alerts land in your inbox minutes (even seconds) after the article is first published where Google Alerts can take several days to report the news.

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