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The Agility™ media database from Agility PR Solutions lets you search and build contact lists from a database of almost 800,000 contacts in over 200 countries. With over 5,000 updates made everyday, ther contact information is reliable and accurate so you won’t waste time with undeliverable emails or following up with journalists who’ve changed jobs. See Agility in action at


Pinpoint Media Contacts: Search by keyword to identify who is writing about specific topics that matter to your brand – whether it’s niche markets, industries, competitors, or anything else. Perform searches by beat, media type, location, and more, to find additional journalists for outreach.

Create Live Social Streams:
Create live streams of influencer tweets by keyword or contact list to hear the latest social conversations, gain insights, and identify new influencers to add to your lists in a snap.

Build Lists in Minutes: Quickly compile & refine contact lists from your searches, or save important search criteria for future lists. Easily add new influencers you find from keyword searches or live social streams to existing lists.

Send Captivating Pitches: Send emails directly in the platform to connect with journalists and influencers. Boost engagement by adding stunning visuals and personalized details, like first name or outlet name, to media pitches.

Track Engagement: Prioritize your follow-up to influencers by seeing who opened your email and which links they clicked, so you know exactly what piqued their interest.


See their pricing page here: Or email Sales directly: [email protected]


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