Bing Video (formerly VideoSurf)

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Bing Video is a video search engine that uses patent-pending computer vision algorithms that can actually see a video's content, resulting in more relevant results for your queries and offers a new, visual way for you to interact with the video set returned. You can refine your results based on the people who actually appear in the videos and pinpoint the specific moments you're interested in watching or sharing with your friends.


Refine Results by Person (a.k.a. the set of pictures that appear on the top left-hand side of the search result pages). Clicking on any of the characters will allow you to re-sort your results to show only videos that feature the person you selected. It’s a new kind of search and discovery tool that allows you to see who the most important characters are based on the frequency and duration of their appearances within the videos returned for your search. Try it out! Do a search on “Stand-up Comedy” or “What’s Hot” and start clicking images to see who’s important and how the results change.


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