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Description allows users to create short links, QR Codes, and Link-in-Bio pages and allows you to share them anywhere.   You can also track what's working and what's not.


Some of the key features of Bitly include:

  1. URL Shortening: Bitly’s primary function is to shorten long URLs into more manageable and shareable links. This is especially useful for platforms with character limitations, such as Twitter (now “X”)
  2. Custom Short Links: Bitly allows users to customize the shortened links to create branded and memorable URLs. This feature is beneficial for businesses and marketers who want to reinforce their brand identity.
  3. Click Analytics: Bitly provides detailed analytics on the performance of your shortened links. Users can track the number of clicks, geographic locations of users, and referral sources, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their links and marketing campaigns.
  4. Link Management: Bitly provides a dashboard where users can manage all their shortened links in one place. You can organize links into campaigns, folders, and tags for easy access and monitoring.
  5. Link Retargeting: Bitly’s link retargeting feature allows users to add retargeting pixels to their shortened links. This enables them to target users who clicked on their links with specific ads, enhancing their marketing efforts.
  6. Custom Domain Integration: For businesses that want to maintain a consistent brand presence, Bitly offers the ability to use a custom domain for link shortening. This means your shortened links can use your brand’s domain instead of the Bitly domain.
  7. Mobile Deep Linking: Bitly supports mobile deep linking, allowing users to direct users to specific content or pages within a mobile app instead of the app’s homepage.
  8. Team Collaboration: Bitly offers team collaboration features, enabling multiple users to work together, share links, and collaborate on campaigns effectively.
  9. API Access: Bitly provides API access, which allows developers to integrate Bitly’s URL shortening and link management capabilities into their applications or services.
  10. Security and Privacy: Bitly takes security and privacy seriously. The service aims to protect users’ links and data and prevent malicious links from being shared.




10 free per month, then $8/mo for 200


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