BlogDash is a media database built with the purpose to actually help the media relations industry reach targets beyond traditional media outlets. Through BlogDash, bloggers choose what kind of pitches they are interested in, while brands and companies can connect with the right bloggers for their projects or campaigns.


BlogDash offers a variety of features, including the ability to research through a database of more than 100k bloggers (which are organized in feature blog categories) to find which bloggers will care about your product, company or story, and upload blogger contacts. BlogDash produces in return a list with full profiles for each of the blogger. BlogDash also gathers all of the publicly available about bloggers, and organizes it in one page. You can also find bios, publications, social networks, blog stats, twitter stats and more. BlogDash is 100% free to bloggers to incentive more blogger membership for PR pros to find.


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