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Bloglovin is what some call the Pinterest of RSS reader apps because it's great for discovering popular lifestyle content.   While it lets you follow your favorite blogs and publications like every other app on this list, it's designed much more like a social media site than some of the other featured RSS readers. It has a clean, image-focused design, "love" and comment buttons on every post, and a card layout that makes the app feel very modern.


At the top of your dashboard, you’ll find a list of categories for popular lifestyle topics like “Family,” “Fashion,” and “DIY/Crafts.” Click any of the topics, and you’ll see popular content on that topic, making it easy to discover new authors and blogs to follow. You can even use Bloglovin’ to publish your own blog directly on the platform and share your ideas with others.

Like Pinterest, Bloglovin’ also lets you create your own personal collections of content. If you’re planning a wedding, redesigning your house, or just looking for new crafting ideas, create a collection in Bloglovin’ and add any relevant content you find to that collection. Then, when you need inspiration or are looking for ideas, head to your collections to see all of the content you’ve saved.



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