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BusinessWire is among the pioneers in the news distribution marketplace. The company disseminates full-text announcements from companies and organizations worldwide offering one of the most comprehensive commercial newswire reach globally. Its proprietary multimedia delivery systems, plus affiliations with more than 60 news agencies, reach targeted audiences in more than 150 countries and 45 languages. They added Enhanced Online news and Global Mobile Distribution platform.


BusinessWire's press release distribution and media features include; Disclosure Services; IR Services; Supplementary Industry Reach; Experts & Media Sources; Search Engine Optimization; Press Release Measurement; Clipping & Research; Fax & Email Services; Experts & Media Sources; and, Superior Customer Service. You can submit orders and manage your account via Business Wire's secure online system. Dynamic text formatting lets you retain the original look and feel of your press release, including embedded links. Additionally, the users may set up a company profile which enables you to place a snapshot of your company or organization, including key contacts and a 150-word description, distributed to media throughout the US, embedded as a link in each of your press releases, and archived at


BusinessWire offers many traditional and social media distribution services. Costs are calculated by word count and reach desired. For nationwide distribution, a 400 word new release is $735, with each additional 100 words costing $195. Major market distribution costs $695 for a 400 word news release, plus $185 for each additional 100 words. Regional markets range from at $295 - $475 per 400 word new release. State releases range $275 - $405, depending on the size of the state's media market. You can also request city-specific distribution, which ranges from $275 - $395 per 400 word news release.


Business Wire provides three different free reports to help gauge ROI and media strategy. NewsTrak Reach: Distribution Details NewsTrak Posting: Links to Your News Enhanced! NewsTrak Access: Online Activity


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