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CyberAlert® provides local, national and worldwide press clipping, news monitoring, broadcast monitoring and social media monitoring services, automated daily e-mail alerts containing all new media mentions found in the previous 24 hours; an easily accessible online clip book that stores all your clips; measurement data on all clips; and the ability to customize features to your exact needs.


CyberAlert® services include: news monitoring, press clipping, TV broadcast news monitoring, and monitoring of social media, consumer discussion, and word-of-mouth tracking). Additionally, the service includes: CyberAlert 4.0; CyberAlert TV; CyberAlert SSE News Monitoring; IntelliClips™ XL; RushClips™; AccuClip Express™ a.m. NewsBrief™; Worldwide News Feed News Aggregation Service; Subscriber News service; News-on-Your-Site; Social Media Monitoring; Netpinions® 2.0; BlogSquirrel™ 1.0; CyberAlert VDO™; Twitter Monitoring; ClipMetrics Content Analysis & Evaluation.


Online News Monitoring (U.S. Regional) costs between $189 to $349. Fixed flat fee; no per clip charges up to 1,000 clips per month; no long-term contract required. CyberAlert BackNews - Back 90 Days is $375; Back five years costs $475; and, back 10 years is $575.


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