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TechRadar calls Descript a slick method to work with audio that utilizes transcription in an innovative way. It is affordable, does a reasonable job of transcribing, and for the moment it only works with the English Language. Their verdict is that podcast producers might love this solution.

Descript builds simple and powerful collaborative tools for new media creators.  The descript tool strives to eliminate the tedious work that often stands between an idea and its expression, so that creators can focus on developing their craft instead of their usage of tools.

Descript was founded in San Francisco in 2017.  In 2019, Descript acquired Lyrebird, which continues to operate and expand from Montreal as Descript's AI research team.  If you'd like to learn about how the company got started, they wrote a post about it. Descript has raised $20M in funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Redpoint.



Descript is designed as a word processor for sound, in that transcripted text changes flow back into an audio file when words or entire sentences are removed.  This feature is perfect for Podcast creators, as it enables them to quickly remove unwanted parts of a recording quickly and seamlessly.

A Podcast can be rapidly distilled down to the parts that an audience will wish to hear and remove all the silences and other audio distractions.  Multiple audio tracks can be layered to provide introductory music, sound effects or transitions as required.

Keep up with their innovations by visiting their blog regularly.


There is a free version and various subscription levels availble between $12-$24/mo, you have to call for enterprise pricing. You save 20% with an annual plan.


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