GlobeNewswire (Acquired by Intrado)


Share your news with media, investors, influencers and consumers worldwide. The GlobeNewswire distribution network is one of the world’s largest, giving you global reach and the ability to target your message to the audiences that matter most. Globe Newswire understands the importance of being able to disseminate your corporate news quickly and efficiently. Whether your news needs to be sent domestically or abroad, our expansive capabilities give you the ability to distribute your content when and where you need it. U.S. Distribution │ Canadian Distribution │ European Distribution │International Distribution


NEW! Media Snippets: Go beyond text-only press releases. Embed a carousel of images, infographics, audio, video―even live streaming events― into your releases to tell a more complete brand story and increase engagement with media, investors and customers. Leverage and re-purpose your branded content and media assets to create enhanced press releases that promote interest, engagement, and social sharing. Learn More.



In 2018 WestCorp acquired Globe Newswire from Nasdaq and before that it was Marketwired


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