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The Gorkana Freelance Package provides access to Gorkana's media database and daily Gorkana alerts on the latest media news and journalist moves. This client relationship management (CRM) system enables tracking of media relationships and sharing contact history across locations. The system allows users to record every call, meeting and interaction with journalists; add background notes and log key messages; and pull-off reports to measure performance and help plan appropriate PR campaigns.


Updated in real-time, the Gorkana Media Database supplies PR professionals with detailed and accurate information on the B2B and financial media in the U.S., with additional subscriptions available for UK and Europe. The company's full-time team of researchers works constantly to keep the media database up-to-date, so users can focus on the stories they are working on and the people they want to connect with. Ongoing support service, including free training. The key features include: media database and alerts; PR measurement and media analysis; and, social media services.


The annual subscription ranges between $5-$10K with CRM system in the preimum package. This comes with a strong service component and a service team that can complete junior level PR work such as scrubbing and building media lists.


This services originally started in the UK by two PR Professionals in 2003 with a focus on financial services, expanded into B2B and the US market.


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