HipCast (formerly Audioblog)

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With Hipcast you can record high-quality audio right through the web browser, with no additional software needed. Additionally, Hipcast enables users to record from their phone (up to 60 minutes) and upload files (up to 100MB in length) and publish them on your site.


The service allows you to podcast from your blog. If you're using Feedburner to distribute your blog's RSS feed, then turning your blog into a podcast station is a snap! Simply flip a switch to publish the link to your MP3 files in your Hipcast.com account and podcast from your blog. To iTunes-ready podcasts, you can create unlimited podcasts with Hipcast.com, complete with iTunes compatibility. Create a podcast for your hobby, trade, class, or family and friends. Then just copy and paste your Podcast RSS URL into iTunes to publish.


Hipcast starts at $4.95 per month, but there are a variety of services. View the selection of plans here: https://www.hipcast.com/pricing.htm


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