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Agility PR Solutions offers two different packages based on your monitoring and measurement requirements. For PR and comms professionals who need to amplify their message and track coverage, the CAPTURE package is an automated, self-service database and monitoring solution that is easy to use and stands out because of our best-in-class client support. With CAPTURE, you can communicate your message and understand the media landscape surrounding your brand. Learn more at   But when you need to measure the results of your PR and communications efforts to learn what's working and what isn't, the ILLUMINATE package can help. It's a full-service PR solution that provides actionable insights by eliminating noise and delivering reliable data through human-curated briefs and executive-ready reports and analysis. Our media analysts will work with you to deliver creative solutions for all of your PR needs. Learn more at  



Far and Wide Listening: Monitor topics wherever you need, with broad content coverage of online, print, broadcast, and social media. We’ll ensure you track all vital content sources and stay up to date on coverage with our easy-to-use monitoring tool.

Get the Full Picture of Coverage: Our revolutionary image monitoring capabilities will show you images that appear in high value online news coverage. And using powerful machine learning models that understand image content, you’ll be able to unearth otherwise hidden coverage, even when there is no mention in the article itself.

Share Custom Clipbooks: Compile your top press clippings in media clipbooks to easily share coverage updates with key stakeholders. And delve into your coverage with a selection of pre-built media coverage reports for insight into your coverage by type, geography, share of voice, sentiment, and more.



Cut Through Noise: Comprehensive media monitoring, with advanced capabilities and human analysis, to ensure you only get relevant coverage.

Executive-Ready Daily Briefs: Get the most pertinent coverage straight to your inbox each morning for any coverage topic, with a human-curated daily media brief.

PR Measurement Made to Order: Gain insight from custom PR measurement reports with in-depth analysis and cutting-edge metrics, including share of voice, sentiment, and coverage trends. Receive reports for any topic vital to your organization, including brand, competitor, and industry coverage.

Advanced Social Media Analysis: Glean insight from social conversations across a variety of channels and sources including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Vimeo, and more, with advanced reporting and metrics.

Dedicated Media Analysts: From setting up and fine-tuning searches, to adding coverage context and sentiment, your dedicated media analyst will ensure you’re delighted with every report and media brief delivered.


The CAPTURE package costs $950 per month, whereas the ILLUMINATE package is custom priced to fit your needs. Speak to Sales at [email protected]



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