Khoros, a new platform resulting from a merger between Spredfast and Lithium, provides companies with one platform to manage all of their social media accounts and provides a dashboard, data and analytics on how social media posts are performing. It also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide customers with insights into their social media accounts.  The unique combination of 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many touchpoints in one platform, enable enterprise brands to deliver a connected experience to customers. Khoros offers a highly configurable solution that maps to your unique needs and workflow.  With a unique, converged view of social media ads and organic posts, Khoros gives you a complete picture of what’s going out on behalf of your brand and how it’s performing.




Scale your marketing campaigns:  Stay in lockstep with your market and orchestrate social media campaigns and content across your global teams to reach your highest-value audiences.

Measure and track what matters:  Translate your social media performance to the metrics that matter to your business — including both organic and paid campaign performance, in one view.

Protect the brand that you’ve built: Be proactive about managing risk — both in moments of crisis, and every day — to protect the value of your brand, from one centralized location across users, accounts, and teams.


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