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Description is one of the world's largest and continuously updated collection of market research. A source for market intelligence, they offer more than 200,000 market research reports from over 650 leading global publishers. The company has alliances with a large number of market research firms and also produces some material through its PackagedFacts research group.


Syndicated market research reports that feature quantitative and qualitative research on markets, industries, and companies. The formats and lengths of reports vary from 10-page company profiles to exhaustive 1,000-page industry overviews. The majority of reports are stand-alone studies, which are available as PDF downloads or bound print copies. They also offer a number of periodical publications. In-depth business market research reports include information on market size and market segmentation; marketing strategy; product and market forecasts; business trends, risks, and opportunities; key participant profiles; market share data; and more.


No subscription. Results based on search. Report prices are set by the respective publisher. They range from as low as $395 to over $3,000 per report. Summary abstract and detailed table of contents for each market research report is accessible free online



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