Intelligent on-demand media lists for your campaigns. How does it work? Identify: Tell us your criteria, Let us know the type of media you are looking to target via the form in the pricing area Search: The clever stuff, Our web crawlers and data mining algorithms go to work to identify the key media contacts for your campaign. Receive: Your list delivered, Within 24 hours you'll receive an accurate media list with names, outlets & contact info delivered into your inbox.


How is smarter? It’s true that with the growing landscape of journalists & influencers the media is a much broader entity. Traditional databases can be out of date by the time you’ve finished your search. searches in real-time making it considerably more accurate, they say, than any other media data available.

Good news for the cost-conscious — you can get them to give you detailed info regarding the type and number of contacts available before your commit (i.e. pay.)


£50 +VAT


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