Mention Alerts


Mention Alerts monitor millions of sources in 42 languages published on social networks, news sites, forums, blogs or any web page. While Google Alerts is great for tracking new web results about your client, Mention goes a step further by tracking all mentions of any name across social media platforms as well as the web. If someone tweets about you or your client, you will still see it in Mention, and will get alerted of your coverage in real-time via push notifications. You receive a daily or weekly email digest so you can react quickly and efficiently.


Mentions allows you to connect your social accounts to your Mention alerts so you can react without leaving the application. You can Retweet a mention. Like or share mentions directly on your Facebook page. Send mentions via email, or to your Buffer account for later posting. Mention also allows you to get a analyze, snapshot of your mentions by source, language, and over a selected period of time. Generate reports and export data in the format you prefer to analyze and compare your coverage. You can access you Mention account from a variety of platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, Chrome, Mac Os X, Linux or Windows.


Mention offers a 14 day free trial. If you like the service, for $29 per month the Starter offering gives you three alerts for up to three users. For $99 per month, the Growth offering gives you five alerts for five users with access to analytics. The Company offering, for $299 per month, gives you 10 alerts for up to 10 users.


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