Metro Monitor


Metro Monitor provides the comprehensive, cost effective, and easy to use media analysis services, which combines TV News, Radio News, Online News, and Social Media monitoring into a single platform. Through this platform, PR pros are able monitor, manage, share, and analyze all of their media coverage.


Metro Monitor offers TV New Clips of local and national television coverage of the stories you and your clients care about. News clips are available from many stations for years after the original broadcast date, and can be delivered anytime in the format of your choice. Metro Monitors' Media Monitoring feature offers a comprehensive and up-to-date database of news clips, and provides instant notification of your media coverage and quick video delivery of TV news mentions in the format of your choice. Metro Monitor's Media Control Center is affordable and effective media analysis tool where you can quickly see your media results and analysis in a graphical display. The tools also gives you access to default and customized charts. All charts and graphs can easily be shared via email and downloaded for use in presentations.


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